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Nothing but Art III edition

On Saturday the 4th of May , at 6 pm, at Palazzo Velli Expo, in Piazza S. Egidio 10 – Rome, the third edition of the collective exhibition of contemporary art was inaugurated, with an international art prize. The event has been curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini – M.F.eventi and the gallerist Anna Isopo – Arte Borgo Gallery and received the patronage of: Regione Lazio, Municipio Roma I Centro. Sponsor: Casale del Giglio.

On Saturday the 4th of May, for the opening, a technical jury selected three winners. The TV program Arte 24 was also present.

The exhibition “Nothing but Art” puts together different artists, creating a dialogue amongst different languages, from traditional to more innovative and experimental expressions. This gives birth to a complementary discourse, which develops through a stimulating flow of thoughts, leading the observer towards a cognitive territory on which to dwelve for new reflections.

The exhibited artworks lead us to a general vision of art closer to us, testimony of a contemporaneity rich in aesthetic manifestations which is balanced amongst expressive freedom and formative discipline.

“Nothing but Art” aims at presenting, through the works of international artists, an extraordinary variety and vitality of creative languages, highlighting different facets and poetics which develop in the complex path of artistic production, through different solutions.

At the core of this collective exhibition there is the awe, shock and emotions that the artworks are able to transmit: a strong emotional charge.

Participant artists: Alessandro BarbatiAneta Barglik, Paola Beretta, Paolo Bondi, Lesley Bunch, Clara Calì, Max Callari, Luigi Cannone, Paola Caporilli, Agnieszka Ceccarelli, Antonella Cusimano, Maurizio Diana, Manuela Eibensteiner, Antonio Esposito, Anna Freudenthaler, Federico Grazzini, Monika Hartel, Elle Hubmann-Kniely, Ivan Iliev, Biagio La Cagnina, Federica Marin, Paolo Mazzucato, Carlos Mendoza, Barbara Monti, Domenico Paoloni, Candida Paolucci, Marlen Peix, Maria Puerto Fullana, Susanna Ripiccini, Paola Scanavini, Vincenza Spiridione, Bettina Stabel.

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