On the 19th of October the inauguration of the international contemporary art exhibition Off line was held. It was organized by the art curator and critic Monica Ferrarini and the gallerist Anna Isopo.

The exhibition was part of the third edizioni of RAW – Rome Art Week – an event completely dedicated to contemporary art which involved the whole capital city, generating a communication web and a chance for intercultural exchange amongst exhibiting venues, artists, critics, curators, gallerists, collections, aficionados and art workers.

A chance of unique visibility due to its institutional location and the winning format of RAW, which already in past years has been a great success, becoming an event of international resonance.

“The exhibition aims at making the artists confront themselves on a delicate and up to date topic: slaves of constant frenzy, we live obsessed with the anxiety of “killing” time, we are not able to savor simplicity and calm, and at the same time the magic in the things which fulfill our lives.

This collective exhibition, thanks to the beauty and richness of the exhibited artworks, it becomes a place in which to dream, to find new emotions, to stop and observe and meditate. A warning to stop our frantic daily machine and riappropriate that calmness which is able to save us from the continuous stress of our lives”.

The entire event was shot by the television programs Arte 24 – you can watch it here.

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