Infinite Percezioni

From the 8th to the 14th of November the contemporary art exhibition “Infinite Percezioni” was held at the Gallery Spazio 40, in the famous area of Trastevere, with the high patronage of the Guatemalan Embassy. It will be in partnership with the Guatemalan artists of the group Guatemala es Guatemala.

This is an exhibition which aims at showing the richness and variety of experiences, which have in common the will to express oneself in the free composition of matter, forms and colors.

A chance to share and evaluate a stimulating artistic generation, which attracts interest and is able to unite and confront an expressive contemporary landscape, aiming at the valorization of different resources due to formation, expressivity and languages, but having in common a stylistic virtue, which celebrates the pleasure of creation. All artworks exhibited transmit the pure aesthetic pleasure of the act of the artistic execution and testify the need for affirmation and the externalization of one’s intimacy of the creator.

The will of this collective group is to create a moment of communion with others, a moment of shared experiences: art as an answer to the principle of pleasure and of reality. Different styles and experiences present an autonomous dimension and propose experiments able to create confrontations for a renewal. A collective experience which opens up to the expressions of contemporary culture and which stimulates interaction amongst the different ways of making art, hence culture.

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