Federica Marin

Federica Marin’s artistic research arises from a deep thinking on the principles which govern Nature, which becomes the field of investigation for the infinite and continuous becoming, for the ever-changing and dynamic transformation.

This tireless study on the natural element is shaped into abstract forms, generating ancestral and archaic dimensions, far from time and space. Images which become symbolic, mental; distant from the mere imitation of the natural element and aiming at retrieving the memory, the remembrance. These are evocative atmospheres which reflect on a strictly personal vision, and which materialize with the particular technique employed by the artist.

Marin’s investigations on the soil’s stratification and on the transition from one state to another of the matter become mirror and metaphor of mental states, which urge to adopt a different and more stimulating approach towards what we are facing. A contemplative approach which needs to become a modus vivendi, able to help us establish a deep relationship with what is here and now, and with what has been.

The reflective dimension pulls us closer and in contact with the hidden dimension of the natural world, as well as with our own intimacy. Marin’s shots exude spirituality, revealing Nature’s secrets and those of the human soul. The matter becomes an abstract form, vivid in its shining of intense colours, supported by the shining material of the chosen support (plexiglass).

The careful analysis of the environment, in its infinite forms, corresponds to an analysis of social stratification, as the matter becomes the spokesperson for a historical path which touches the field of cultural anthropology. The stages of the underground transformation, the transition of the elements from one state to another, are the reflection of what men have been throughout the centuries and of what they aspire to and desire.

Contemplazione – 70×100 cm
Energia 1 – 40×53 cm
Libertà – 70×100 cm

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