Marlen Peix

Captivating photographs, charged with charm and mistery, become a subjective narration of an individual path, attentive and conceptual.

The care Peix addresses to everyday life, through a study which distances itself from ordinariness, is a reminder to go beyond the immediate aspect of what surrounds us to embrace new points of view, to change the usual, dull and banal vanishing point of our mental schemes, of our debilitating habits.

Marlen Peix is capable of showing us infinite natural aspects which become a metaphor for various signifiers. That world which absent-mindedly we don’t notice, is offered to us by her, through fragments of life which are filled with contents. They are altered visions, or simply different ones, fruit of a poetic language which engages the observer, by uniting aesthetics and contents. The artist takes us by the hand to teach us to look, or better even to observe limitlessly, to encourage to go in front of an artwork “unarmed”, filter-less, misconception-less, in a way that the image becomes a medium for its various meanings.

Hence, everything which usually might look banal or casual, under her skillful lens mutates in abstract compositions made of lights, colours, forms, and as a whole take life scenes embraces by a dreamy and evocative atmosphere: these are fluctuating visions inhabited by enigmatic presences, disembodied, where the natural element meets with the virtual, generating unexpected atmospheres.

Marlen Peix’s photography is a way to tell the world, able to catch new “orders”, unexpected universes, and simply different realities from our daily life.

Behind the Mask – 40×60 cm
Couples in Venice – 40×60 cm
Moon Ride – 80×60 cm
Veil Dance – 80×60 cm

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