Ribana Szutor

Ribana Szutor’s artistic production is the expression of a natural path as a woman, artist and mother. A path made of pure sentiments which are the spontaneous manifestation of her own soul. It’s from here, from her own intimate and delicate world, that her artworks are shaped, animated with images which have been dreamt, faceless, devoid of a precise identity, in which any woman can identify herself. Figures laid out of soft and sinuous lines, captured in a pose or in movement, and which become the representative of a primal and explosive femininity.

These are suspended images amongst realism and abstraction, from which emerges a communicative charge able to merge the essentiality of the subject with the strength of the content: women who fluctuate in a non-delimitate space from which the soul of the creator breaks in.

What Ribana transposes on the canvas is that ancestral value of which the woman of a past time was covered with, as the custodian of life’s mistery, the owner of an unfathomable power which generates life and moves and creates the world.

Her subjects radiate a delicate elegance which counteracts with today’s femininity – exasperated and screamed – which killed every form of refined sensuality. In this army of feminine figures, the soul overpowers the materiality of the body and its unceasing fluctuating accompanies free and natural brushes, which are in balance with the colours, excluding the idea of a static image, in order to make place for something still in the making.

The observer will find himself in front of timeless atmospheres, reflecting on a particular declination of the artist in preferring canvases of big dimensions: canvases which embrace the user and the artist herself in the moment of the creative act, in a path where the artistic gesture can run wild in a sequence of contrasts made of lights and shades.

A whole which is an infinite narration, the developing of a thought which finds its fulfillment in the artistic expression. 

Evoluzione – 90×160 cm
Gruppo – 200×200 cm
Mondo – 140×110 cm
Nascita – 120×140 cm

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