Unwritten Thoughts

“Unwritten Thoughts”, the contemporary art exhibition, has inaugurated on Saturday the 22nd of February, at 5.30 pm, at the gallery Spazio 40, in Via dell’Arco di San Calisto 40 – 00153, Rome. The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini (M.F.eventu) with the collaboration of Alice Di Piero, has seen as protagonist the artworks of international artists with a solid CV: Leonardo Ciccarelli, Manuela Citti, Federico Grazzini, Monika Hartl, Anna Irmanovová, Josef A. Kutschera, Valerio Magini, Carlos Mendoza, Nicole Papaefthimiou, Ann Pelanne, Laura Pennesi, Francesca Ragona, Anna Santilli, Roberto Servi, Jenni Souter.

Unwritten thoughts, as art has the ability to express spontaneously the thoughts and compulsions of the creator, of putting on canvas that intimate universe which often stays private but which thanks to matter, form and colours are able to transform into an artistic imaginary, devoid of personal or social inhibitions, and free to be interpreted. 

The ability of the artist of expressing his own uniqueness through the infinite expressive potentials, allows him to create artworks which are open to various interpretations.

The thought is turned into a shape through the creative act and opens up a dialogue with the observer, generating a series of imaginary, imagined, concrete or ephemeral thoughts, aiming at stimulating our cognitive sensitivity.  

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