Roswitha Klotz

Roswitha Klotz’s artistic language is abstract, conceptual, subjective and concise; composed of eye-catching sceneries, based on vibrant strokes, generating strong and firm chromatic atmospheres.

The artist’s painting conforms to shapes and to the will of fully unleashing the imagination – developed through the personal interpretation of an idea, of a feeling, of a particular, of a detail caught amidst daily reality.

A balance amongst shapes and chroma is its result, with a general feeling of vitality which results in its being both harmonic and poetic, mediating a subjective intrinsic meaning, which varies with the observer’s awareness. 

Klotz’s paintings offer visual spaces in which colours are adjusted to signs, reaching an overall balance, pulsating with all of the creator’s personal energy at its core.

The abstract, delicate, fluid and impactful shapes acquire dynamicity through the use of bright and vibrant textures, generating together a sublime dimension, which fascinates the observer, enveloping him as if to embrace him.

The expressive vigor of the palette’s use emerges amongst passionate strokes, from which a lively creative structure outbursts – not an end in itself and not enclosed in its own artistic vehemence, but indeed a medium for a message or a feeling, encompassing a content. 

It is an informal and abstract painting, where the artist’s hand is immediate creative vigor; it is free act bearing elegance and confidence.

Roswitha Klotz’s creativity goes beyond introspection in order to become skillful description. She is able, in its whole, to merge external elements from the real world, with private elements from the intimate universe of emotions and feelings. From this, intuitive and instinctive sceneries rise: the result of an immediate emotion, of a memory, of an experience, of a reality which is reinterpreted by the creative inspiration, and restored through the canvas in a new form, “alien”, different, unexpected. 

Every canvas goes beyond the mere image, the harmonic perfection, the impeccable chromatic structure, becoming the narration of a life. From the abstract shapes, a personal path emerges where paintings, in their apparent formal beauty, are never just an end in themselves, but are charged with humane value, hence empathic. 

Blue black light – 100×100 cm
Dancing Lines – 60×50 cm
Evening Sun – 50×70 cm
In the wind – 120×100 cm

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