Enrica Mazzuchin

Painting might happen to be the construction of a sentiment, a trip towards the boundaries of the tangible and the known, an intimate path which is necessarily confronted with reality, pushed by the will of finding oneself again and unhinge one’s own intimate world. 

From the tangible element, art enables us to pursue the paths of the Imaginary, of vision, and by re-elaborating emotions, desires and states of mind, to express subconscious potentialities, which cannot be rationalized on the day-to-day. 

This all is Enrica Mazzuchin’s painting: an ever-moving painting, in constant emotional unrest, which draws from an ample imaginary able to seize the moment in order to be taken elsewhere. A painting able to reach a harmony amongst reason and sentiment, and which finds its intermediary in Nature, enabling her to get in touch with her own intimacy. 

The suggestive vigour manifested in her canvases is disclosed by an underlying Power from which they draw life, and is nourished by vibrations, impressions, suggestions. What emerges is that harmonic strength which animates the Creation, and is visually translated into chromatic combinations through effective strokes. It is a search for emotions, as well as an investigation of ourselves and what surrounds us: reinterpretation and transformation of reality, where colours represent interior realities and daily element reinterpreted by senses. 

In Enrica Mazzuchin’s artistic production, especially in the abstract and conceptual ones, facets of a Nature of complementary energies emerge, and the canvas becomes the medium on which to project a personal experience. The artist lives the creative act as an expressive mean which lets the subconscious free, and draws from reality, playing with it, reinterpreting it, rendering it back to its observer under a new light and a different perspective, enriched with new contents. Striving to seize the essence of what she observes, she gives life to paintings which become visual spaces, changing based on pulsations, vital in the rendering of the light: metaphor of wider significations, projections of a subjective vision. 

In the compositional structure everything is balanced, and the rhythmical pattern is constituted of lively chromatic juxtapositions, of careful compositions of lines and shapes, where nothing is left to chance, hence it is the result of a careful interest in perception, matter, objective data. The treated subjects are tangible elements, sometimes recognizable, always belonging to our daily life, stripped off of their phenomenal dimension and rendered back sublimated in forms of pure energy. 

We are in front of an intimist matrix, where the figurative element blends with the abstract, the result of a deeply felt experience, able to balance out instinct and reflection: a dichotomy which finds its harmony in the continuous flow of reflections and pulsion, which leads the artist towards a never-ending trip, expressing that cathartic power, proper of the art as an act of absolute liberation. 

Bagliore – 30×40 cm
Emozioni lontane – 40×30 cm
Percezioni – 100×70 cm
Sogno di una città – 100×150 cm

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