Kayo Sato

What emerges from Kayo Sato’s work is the sacred devotion, typical of the oriental world, towards Nature. An animated Nature, lively: expression of purity and perfection, which recalls the world of the origins, the sacredness, an ancestral dimension. 

Kayo’s creative process is the result of an intimate reflection, of an inventive will which combines fantasy and colour, and from which emerges the complexity and vastness of a careful work, rich in details and of extreme precision. The colourful cloths, the lightness of the texture, the impalpability of the matter, the personal technique of the pleating, are expression of an interior reflection, a mirror onto the spirit’s secret places. States of mind are reinterpreted by the interpretative capability of an artist who is able to abandon herself to Nature, with the willingness to find herself in a profound mystery, an underlying message. 

The chromatic shades, combined with the material thickness communicate a force of pulsion which are transformed into expressive codes which tend to narrate pure sentiments, and become metaphor of the intimate dialogue amongst man and Creation. We can find in the chosen subjects – flowers – representation of an authentic beauty and a rich universe to explore: a reminder to contemplate with the end of being able to go beyond the limits of the material world, in order to feel reality freed by the influence of the mind, and to find again an authentic sentiment, a moment of introspection and peace. 

Careful in grasping the deepest dimension of the soul, Kayo Sato entrusts the flowers with the ability to express purity and interpretative magic, becoming an intermediary of the relationship amongst Creation and artist: a crystal clear, captivating, harmonious, complicit relationship. 

Her flowers preserve the memory of an ancient spirituality, where emotion is entrusted to colour, and mysteriously attractive suggestions are present. Creations and creatures with a taste of enchantment, permeated with spirituality. 

Her creative process becomes a cathartic voyage of liberation of a state of mind which enables the reunification to its own being, and an invite to the observer to undertake a journey beyond the limits of the tangible. Through her subjective perception the Artist is able to materialize her own emotions in matter: the sinuous forms, freely fluctuating but at the same time powerful and effective in the determination of the adopted chrome. 

These are unique artworks which reflect the uniqueness and originality of an artistic journey carefully studied, and which become vehicle of a thought and sentiment and, remembering a famous quote of Goethean memory, in her expressive singularity, Sato was able to tell “known things as they had never been said”. 

Farewell Gift
Flower Drops

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