Monica Pizzo

Monica Pizzo

An army of women, children, human beings, faces, talkative eyes, which wrap you up, follow you, lay on you and never leave you. Eyes which capture the observer’s sight and tell a story, sometimes a painful one, sometimes a hopeful one of liberation, as art is this as well: an instrument to the service of social, which opens a new perspective on various topics, revealing its deepest side. 

All of this is Monica Pizzo’s painting, an art which was born instinctively in the most hidden and intimate part, a carnal and passionate painting which rejects brushes, spatulas, or other instruments of the job, leading the artist to paint directly with her hands, with the aim to create with her canvases and her creatures not only a conceptual and emotional relationship, but a physical one as well. 

Paintings which embrace the artist in a whole, charged with emotions and expression, which make Pizzo a one of a kind painter, an artist who gives a piece of herself and who helps us deeply reflect on the matters she addresses, as the intensity of her messages is such to stay impressed in an incisive way, penetrating and constructive to the observer. 

Eden – Monica Pizzo
Nel Segno della Croce
Rosetta – Monica Pizzo
Tra la Folla – Monica Pizzo

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