Maria Emilov

Maria Emilov’s artworks are areas of thoughts, rooms of the soul, in which deep vibrations of evanescent atmospheres are perceived.

The artists’ considerations arise from objectivity, but it unravels a path taken over by subjectivity, and reality becomes a field of investigation for those willing to overcome tangible data; disrupting the figurative element into something abstract and conceptual, leading the spectator on a quest for an interpretation which allows to undo unusual and unresolved aspects. 

 It is an intimate analysis of abstract visions and blurred characters, anonymous and only hinted… we are in front of a dematerialization of objective reality, which is sublimated into visions on the edge of abstraction. 

The instinct, alongside with the concept in a balanced ensemble, enriches the sign of sentiment and aerial spaces, non-determined, conjuring an imposed soul in the quest of an intimate and subjective truth. These are suffered atmospheres, charged with pathos, lyrical scenarios from which the artist’s introspection emerges, revealing a creative research through colours and signs, then becoming collective observation.  

The proposed subjects are devoid of a specific shape and exude emotionality, suffered considerations fully lived, deeply unhinged thoughts, in the attempt of capturing reality’s essence, the important and truthful matrix of things. 

Each of her creations invite the observer to be observed not only with the eyes, but with the heart especially, and it conceals, amongst immersive chromatic background, hidden elements: the tangible data is perceived thought the presence of elusive and only hinted figures, which emerge silently in scenarios; the result of an intimate reading, the spontaneous consequence of Maria Emilov’s profound curiosity, leading her always further. 

The evocative power of her art is hence to be researched and understood, and the interpretation of each single painting is totally entrusted to the sensitivity of who is in front of it: delicate scenic spaces animated of symbolic essences, surrounded. by a perceivable humane solitude, the alienated individuality of our days, alien to the surroundings. Each element avails pure lyricism and lightness: it is a pictorial lexicon, partly “romantic”, of sensitivity and intimate visions, from which cues for new perspectives arise.  

Dr. Monica Ferrarini

Maria Emilov – Under the Blossom Tree
Maria Emilov – High in the Sky
Maria Emilov – In Waiting for…
Maria Emilov – Wounded Flowers

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