Anna Nobile

Anna Nobile’s painting mixes tradition with modernity: the perfect combination between a surrealist and an oneiric point of view, resulting in an expressive ability which harmoniously combines the element of the real with that of the symbolic.

With an eye on the masters of the past, such as Franz von Stuck, Gaetano Previati, Gustav Klimt… of which subjects and contents she takes possession of, Nobile gives life to visual images, re-elaborated by her creative flair, immersed in intangible oneiric atmospheres, from which ambiguous details emerge. 

The artist, thanks to her remarkable sensorial perception, becomes visionary, the explorer of a Nature charged with intrinsic meanings, of which she wants to scrutinize the magic of the unknown. 

Art becomes the privileged means to go beyond the boundaries of the matter, of the visible and, exercising the use of a symbolic language, she transfigures thoughts and concepts in images. Painting is hence the representative of a world rich of underlying meanings and means which leads us to a new and deeper conscience.  

The chosen subjects are algid feminine figures on the edge of dream and reality, enveloped in surreal scenarios and accompanied by natural elements such as flowers, plants, animals, butterflies’ wings and, in their elegant beauty exuding a delicate sensuality, becoming themselves butterflies, mermaids, fauns… incarnating a pure and timeless enchantment, which embraces a vastness of sentiments. These are emblematic visions which thanks to their charm mixed with mystery and intrigue lose their temporal dimension and become bearers of eternal values.

Impalpable appearances, perfect, of soft bodies, and with physiognomic delicate traits and porcelain complexion, protagonists at the edge of the imaginary, who communicate with their observer through glances full of enigmatic innocence. 

Subjects and colours are balanced in evanescent auras, in a whole of undisputed compositional sophistication, where the chromatic spectrum is delicate and luminous and is accompanied, giving it character, by a contest of lyrical savor, which sees the spontaneous birth of symbols taken from Nature and/or mythology. The spectator is raptured by a fabulous universe of now archaic taste, now mythological, now ancestral, built with an extremely meticulous technique. 

Anna Nobile is able to gift us with visionary scenarios which express a meticulous quest, an eye for detail, and attention to the whole. In her paintings the bond between tradition and revisited modernity emerges in a completely personal key, and the ability to give birth to a world which draws from the emotional and oneiric sphere in an ephemeral contest which does not know physical time but which accompanies us in a virtual trip beyond the borders of the tangible. 

Anna Nobile – Dafne
Anna Nobile – La Diavolessa
Anna Nobile – La Primavera
Anna Nobile – Amorino

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