Leonardo Ciccarelli

Leonardo Ciccarelli’s rarefied and silent atmospheres are characterized by a communicative strength which is accompanied by an expressive freedom made of soft and light shades, as well as more decisive and strong ones. Always pervaded by a delicate expressive lyricism and by a never intrusive brightness, his works are always delicate and captivating, accompanying the observer towards immaterial and highly communicative visions. 

It is a painting deriving from an intimate sensorial tension, from the will of giving shape and colour to a series of emotional impulses through which the artist lives the nature and the world around him.

His paintings are a projection of thoughts and states of mind which materialize on canvas through suspended dimensions or visions re-elaborated by an emotional charge which allows to reach silent atmospheres enveloped in a delicate melancholy. 

The image abandons itself to imagination and the phenomenal element soon becomes a pretext to get to a dreamy infinity made of wide areas of colour whom essentiality instills calm and purity. 

The suggestive combination of the chromatic elements, mixed with the wide strokes generates aerial perspectives which extend towards unlimited spaces, where there are not boundaries and limitations. These are expressions of a calm sensitivity and of a meditative research which explains itself in shapes and contents warmed up by a spiritual harmony.

Memory and thought come into shape, intersecting with compositional structure which give us back a subjective vision and the plot of the whole pictorial configuration, recalling suggestions which take the spectator in a context of quite shades inviting to reflection. 

The conceptual and imagined dimension takes over the realistic element which acts as input for the uncoiling of an intuitive creative process and the compositional purity of the whole, letting emerge mental spaces, revealing a modus operandi where the elimination of what is “superfluous” reveals a cleaning which is at both times of space and thought. 

In each of Ceccarelli’s compositions there is a clear and evocative poeticism, an underlying energy made of a harmony able to generate order and beauty. 

The author presents us with an ethereal nature, which makes us forget for a moment the daily frenzy to which we are submitted to in order to be surrounded by a pure beauty, immersed in a suspended and fluctuating time.

Leonardo Ciccarelli – Memorie
Leonardo Ciccarelli – Memorie
Leonardo Ciccarelli – Memorie
Leonardo Ciccarelli – Senza Titolo

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