Howard Harris

The starting point of Howard Harris’ creative experience is the observation of the world, of what lives and what surrounds him: every image is the mirror of a story, the memory of a state of mind, the result of a visual and experiential association; it is the trace of an experience which retrieves as well a private dimension. The subjects emerge almost spontaneously, supported by atmospheres rendered even more captivating by bright and impactful colours, in a dimension which is able to reach profound levels of awareness through a creative rationale which has its foundations in an unprecedented innovative artistic process. The stratification of the materials in order to create the image confers to the whole a multidimensionality which allows the shape to vigorously emerge through a modus operandi which is the result of Harris’ professional background. A careful and meticulous thinking which developed with time, of an evolution of the technique which enables him to be an “instrument”, a simple “channel” to vehiculate the image he intends to build.  

The artist redefines traditional photography by exploiting innovative supportive materials, whose overlapping enables the image to emerge more lively, new, different: charged with a peculiar contemporary charm which magnetically captures the observer, thus inviting him to go beyond the tangible dimension and to unhinge those material levels which become metaphor of the underlying strata of reality. 

The artwork becomes tool of expression and mirror of the artistic thought, a perfect and clear combination of both these elements make Howard Harris an author committed not only to bringing to life a work conceptually new and stimulating, but also to a technique which follows his artistic quest, with the end of emphasizing the contents. 

What emerges is the artworks’ incisiveness, stimulating the thinking and focusing our curiosity and observation on a new artistic ability and on the importance of the supporting material, with the goal of creating a unicum which harmoniously embraces the conceptual dimension with the more material one of the “doing”. 

It is a photography soaked with experiences, events, places, state of minds, feelings…

The artist transmutes the reality in order to give a completely personal interpretation, he lets himself be inspired by the world and its objects and then analyses it and renders it back with a new point of view, under which things become “other”. The artistic process gets past the visible strata of the tangible in order to reach an underlying and invisible level, where macrocosm and microcosm complement and the detail becomes protagonist. 

Howard Harris
Bright Idea – Howard Harris
Howard Harris
Mirò’s Dream – Howard Harris
Howard Harris
Monaco Afloat – Howard Harris
Howard Harris
No Monkeys – Howard Harris

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