Salvo Privitera

Privitera’s painting is of a romantic matrix, a painting stylistically personal combined with a skillful technique, creating monochromes and combinations of colours in a harmonious mix of shades, taking us to a contemplative dimension. 

The light is hence protagonist of canvases imbued with a sense of peace: these are moments suspended in an infinite time, variations of intimate and spiritual spaces. The artist loves to lose himself in huge landscapes, with the sublime vastness of the Creation, becoming the symbol for reflection and input for a painting charged of intense expression. 

Nature is the key to understanding and search for introspective aspects of the state of the observer, and the painting becomes medium for a thought, an idea produced by the senses. 

The observer’s gaze is lost in the suggestive chromatic brushes, in images communicating an ethereal and timeless beauty, in visions of infinite, whispering that romantic feeling of bewilderment in front of the grandiosity of a Nature which never ceases to amaze. 

Salvo Privitera loves to engage in a strong expressive quest, recalling the romanticism, mixed with his ideas on colours, typical of the abstract expressionism. 

His vast brushes, fading on the borders, show his will to reduce the figurative element to next to nothing. There’s the will to go beyond the materiality of the shape, in order to seize its deepest, truest and most intimate meaning, to catch the shattering energy of the Universe through the absolute use of the colour, which becomes at the same time visible and invisible expression of idea and matter. 

It is a pictorial path which evokes a spiritual dimension, able to overcome the borders of the immanent and the material and which communicates a vital energy, result of the union of sentiment, thought and action. The tangible element is reinterpreted on new and personal terms, through an aesthetic simplification where the detail is reduced to the minimum and/or almost eliminated in order to leave place to a meditative dimension. 

In an era dominated mostly by the needs of the market, Salvo Privitera’s art offers an art charged of intimate contents, of suggestions and pathos. 

Each artwork retains a state of peace, which radiates with the intrinsic energy of what’s around us through a conscious use of the chromatic shades and a game of lights and shades, giving rhythm to his expressive elegance. It is a production which invites us to recuperate the reflective and explorative dimension in its relation with beauty, which radiates the exigence of meditating, inviting us to search for a deeper experience of our self, with the goal of perceiving the matter in its purest dimension. 

Salvo Privitera
Eternità – Salvo Privitera
Salvo Privitera
Istinto – Salvo Privitera
Salvo Privitera
La Dea Aurora – Salvo Privitera
Salvo Privitera
Riflessi Notturni – Salvo Privitera

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