Candida Paolucci

Candida Paolucci, an artist with a refined compositional style, chooses the figurative in a spontaneous, mature and conscious way. This choice is the result of her innate passion for the modern tradition and for the main artistic movements, which marked the most salient stages of art history.

The artist approaches painting at an adult age, driven by a tension which constantly pushes her to question herself on contemporary art’s current trends and on how much of the production falls on formal solutions aiming to indulge an imaginary collective and a standardized taste.

Her artworks go against every form of artistic convention or genre, evoking a noble tradition which makes them particularly evocative. 

Behind the unquestionable technique and artistic degree, there is the thought, the quest for an ideal beauty, the study of an authentic shape, the will to express what she is feeling and loves through an expressive clarity which evokes reflections in the observer, arousing aesthetic impressions. 

The harmonious balance of each painting generates from the sensitivity to “beauty”, from exercise and contemplation, as well as from a formal purity, the result of a never-ending studying. 

The quest for beauty, the elegant shapes, the smooth and slinky lines recall lyrical images captured in a figurative narration – almost atypical for our modern times – which is not afraid to confront itself with the past, and which rejects the pure abstraction and/or provocation which today’s art is saturated with. 

Candida Paolucci’s painting is free of any convention, it does not compromise, it does not sacrifice its inspiration and it exudes that cultural sensitivity related to her background, developing a delicate balance which caresses the lines, shapes the forms and exalts the aesthetic sense. 

It is a pictorial path animated by the will of giving life to her own desire to express, and that quashes the cliché according to which the contemporaneity should be expressed through abstract, informal, conceptual, “new” or never-seen-before languages… and which communicates as if a classical figuration still exists; not at all anachronistic, which aims to exalt beauty per se through a meticulous and free from pre-designed study.

In her will to celebrate an everlasting beauty, Candida’s paintings can touch our souls and engage our most sensitive and emotional side. 

The need for a stylistic experimentation brings the artist towards abstraction and the discovery of a new style of visual and emotional impact able to go beyond the mere shape in order to get to an evocative dimension, where a freer visual language appears. Paolucci nevertheless remains faithful to her style, having the ability to maintain the same poetic energy through different expressions.

Candida Paolucci
Candida Paolucci – Forte Impatto
Candida Paolucci
Candida Paolucci – Giovane Donna
Candida Paolucci
Candida Paolucci – L’Abbraccio
Candida Paolucci
Candida Paolucci – Ragazza

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