Maria Rita Onofri

Maria Rita Onofri is a versatile artist, pushed by a never-ending curiosity and will to research. After a career in the goldsmithing sector, she created an original expressive language of essentiality and autonomous narrative. 

Her everlasting experimental tension takes her to embrace different artistic areas, in order to arrive to a peculiar combination of these and to a purity and communicative essentiality, which represents a structured and articulated professional path.

Onofri lives art as an act of freedom, as pure instinct which allows her to totally express herself and to tell what she lives and feels, sublimating visions and feelings through a critical and stylistic tension, where the figurative element is combined with the abstract in a poetic mix of matter and colour. 

The whole of her pictorial compositions expresses a propelling force which renders the canvas alive and radiating a conceptual depth which touches the observer.

The lifeless and enigmatic figures standing on evocative backgrounds of embracing and strong colours bring us back to a timeless dimension, almost suspended, in which illusion mixes with reality through a subjective point of view.

In their simple plasticity, these material shapes exude a vibrating pulsion, bringing out the technical ability of the artist who perfectly knows matter and its intrinsic characteristics. 

Maria Rita Onofri’s artworks are alive and tell the story of the artist’s path, concluding its journey in the soul of the observer, while the communicative tension of which they are made underline a need for reflection and for a spiritual research, intended as a need for a solitary and individual journey. 

It is an essential language which tells an intimate and private story, as well as communicating something deeper and more personal. But it also is a reflection on a tangible event, though still animated by subconscious aspects, charged with the emotions lived by the artist and always tending to narrate through mental images made of signs. In all her thriving creative path Onofri shows a unique expressive ability, imprinting on each of her creations a personal mark, perfectly balancing aesthetic harmony of the real and of the conceptual. 

Maria Rita Onofri - Aereo
Maria Rita Onofri – Aereo
Maria Rita Onofri - Fuga dal Buio
Maria Rita Onofri – Fuga dal Buio
Maria Rita Onofri - Inside the Dream
Maria Rita Onofri – Inside the Dream
Maria Rita Onofri - Marcinelle
Maria Rita Onofri – Marcinelle

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