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It was inaugurated on Saturday the 3rd of October the collective art exhibition “No instructions for use” at the chambers of the Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana -piazza della Cancelleria 1- 00186-Rome. 

The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini – Associazione M.F.eventi, with the collaboration of Alice Di Piero, had the patronage of the Regione Lazio, and the TV channel Arte 24 was present for the opening.

“No instructions for use” sees international artists in an emotional and visual dialogue of stimulating different experiences, personalities and languages. Hence a moment of reflection on interpretative modes which create relationships amongst subjects and new points of view.

This collective exhibition is not a generic cultural review. But it focuses on the different expressions of the contemporary in all its fascinating complexity. It’s a chance to dig deeper into the creative landscape closer to us through a meditative approach, stimulating a deep reflection and a wider vision. 

It’s not simple to give an objective explanation to an artwork, as it’s the concrete manifestation of a dimension which has no extrinsic correspondence, since it’s the sensitivity and the soul of an artist. The creative freedom almost coincides with the freedom of interpretation, disrupting predefined codes and imposed rules in order to freely move in a perceptive space where the artwork is shaped, pushed by the intimate experience of its creator.

The different artistic expressions exhibited bring different messages, speaking autonomous languages, but they all touch the observer through dynamics which are specific to the subjectivity of each of us, as it is impossible to feel or see something from a same perspective.

Participating artists: Giuliana Arcangelelli, Antonella Bertoni, Gianni Boattini, Manuela Citti, Remo Carradori, Maurizio Diana, Maria Emilov, Stefania Galletti, Valentina Guadagnucci, Mario Guarino, Yasemin Hakverdi, Monika Hartl, Liliia Kaluzhyna, Rocco Iannelli, Anna Irmanovová, Christian Kammerhofer, Roswitha Klotz, Monica Marcenaro, Federica Marin, Enrica Mazzuchin, Anna Nobile, Maria Rita Onofri, Marco Orio, Mimmo Paoloni, Candida Paolucci, Judith Paone, Nicole Papaefthimiou, Ann Pelanne, Alda Picone, Monica Pizzo, Francesca Ragona, Katalin N. Sebestyén, Andrea Sisinnio Sanna, Maria Stamati, Mauro Trincanato, Stephane Vereecken, Paola Fortunata Vitaggio.

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