Maria Stamati

The observation of the reality around us is the field of research of Maria Stamati’s creative process. It’s the starting point of an aesthetic research, aiming at visually expressing ideas and perceptions which materialize on canvas, acquiring pure expressive value.

It is a language which brings within itself the brightness of the colour, the linearity of the shape, the matter, the concept and deep reflection. In each of her artworks we can find the artist’s thoughts in relationship with the transfigured observations in images.

Stamati reinterprets reality, the everyday data, translating what she sees through her personal imaginary language, and re-elaborates the objective data in order to offer us new and unexpected keys of interpretations.

Through her personal creative research, each tangible element is rendered through shapes and colours, in its ideal essence, and irradiates an evocative and evanescent dimension, where each thing is newly contextualized. In her creations, different elements follow: writing, newspaper scratches, strings, matter, which are mixed and united with the colour palette’s propulsive energy, with slightly hinted images, and concretely linked with our everyday life.

It’s a never-ending dialogue, result of an attentive reflection, which goes in hand with a fervid imagination, in a game of matter and vivid colours, where the immaterial mixes with the material, creating suggestions charged with charm.

The shapes, intangible and indefinite, suggest vision and images to the mind, while also revealing a pictorial trait of emotion and reason, pushed by an expressive code of simplification, and focused on the gesturing of the sign.

Each work is full of details, and charged with pure energetic force, with the awareness that nothing is left to chance, and attention to detail brings a communicative power, evoking stories, lives, thoughts.

Maria Stamati’s artistic signature is built on the gesture, on emotions, on the chromatic movement, whose interactions develop accurate and intellectualized compositions, where each thing is balanced with one another, showing an expressivity able to catch the observer’s eye.

Her fluid gestures suppose the idea and thought of the creator, and it’s accompanied by the colour which, with the matter, gives life to the whole compositional structure, in a fervid variety of combinations. It’s sometimes allusive, sometimes reasoned, but always aiming at capturing our attention, teasing our curiosity and our critical sense.

Maria Stamati - Human Perceptions
Maria Stamati – Human Perceptions
Maria Stamati - Untitled
Maria Stamati – Untitled
Maria Stamati - Untitled
Maria Stamati – Untitled
Maria Stamati - Untitled
Maria Stamati – Untitled

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