Mimmo Paoloni

Mimmo Paoloni’s painting is of a surreal potential, of oneiric and imaginary visions, which maintain a stable relation with the world around. The perceptible level mixes with the chimeric, giving birth to complex compositions, full of details and their intrinsic meanings.

Each canvas is enveloped by a mysterious and enigmatic aura, which creates a tension in the observer, disrupting the entire compositional structure, in each small detail, in order to understand its introspection.

Paoloni feels free to express his visions in a mix of reality and fiction, dream and mystery, always careful in weaving the plot of a visual tale, of surprising combination, of unsettling lectures, as unexpected and dynamic in its immediacy and with a seductive and inscrutable component.

Through an acute and critical look, images emerge, free of schemes and filters, full of elements and subject to the allusive and cryptical value which find their space in imaginary spaces, with a strength that lies in the power of the symbol.

It would be reductive to limit Mimmo Paoloni’s entire path with just one definition, as his curiosity brings him to range from different historical currents of the 900s. From pop art with its decisive colours, to the introspective quest of expressionism, to surrealism’s lyricism, to the fascination of metaphysics.

Each of his paintings has an alien vision, a sense of mystery, a will to go beyond ordinary in order to get to a fantastic truth, which is always enriched and motivated. The undisputed technical ability proceeds in hand with the creative sensitivity, and allow him to bring forward a visual language of high level, rich with narrations, with emerging metaphors of a personal subconscious, and collective at the same time.

The complexity of the structural set follows the development of a reflection, which becomes more and more visceral and meticulous, through a refined technique which is in balance with the concept. Hence, in the multi-material applications typical of Paoloni’s last production, which recall to memory the pieces of a puzzle, we can read that unfinished typical of the contemporary man on a quest to his missing piece, in a perfect interlocking.

This ever-evolving pictorial process renders each canvas full of interpretative codes, always more structured, and pushes us spectators to rethink the real on different terms, passing our conventional visions, our limited visual spaces, and our innate prejudices.

Mimmo Paoloni - La Tentazione di Sant'Antonio
Mimmo Paoloni – La Tentazione di Sant’Antonio
Mimmo Paoloni - Rolling to the Hole
Mimmo Paoloni – Rolling to the Hole
Mimmo Paoloni - Scacco al Re
Mimmo Paoloni – Scacco al Re
Mimmo Paoloni - Tra Integrazione e Ricordi
Mimmo Paoloni – Tra Integrazione e Ricordi

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