Ann Pelanne

Ann Pelanne’s artistic vision takes shape through a sensitive work aiming at extracting the soul of the chosen subjects. It’s a long and complex creative process, which begins with the observation and is followed by the imagination and poetics, with which the artist grants a suggestive taste to the work, intrinsic of suspended and aleatory moments, where time seems to have stopped.

Her shots are visual tales, which synthesize the enigmatic and mysterious privacy of things, and the rational and objective exteriority of reality. It’s a balanced conceptual and original re-elaboration of the received suggestions.

With her works, Pelanne is able to grasp the originary beauty of Creation, too often forgotten, undervalued, or overlooked. Thanks to her sensitivity, she gives back images which evoke a primordial charm, a sense of peace and meditative quiet. 

The urban environment is the starting point of a critical and careful investigation, aiming at going beyond the mere representation of the visible, in order to grasp the essence of each detail, hence revealing its value and uniqueness. All that’s left of the “invisible” constitutes the focal point of the complexity of her creative and intellectual work.

Pelanne turns her personal vision into collective emotions, and allows us to participate in her intimate revelation. Each shot is moved by the desire and intellectual need to give to the sight a lyrical dimension, unexpected and rich in details, symbols, and moments now charged with romanticism, now with symbolism, now with conceptuality. Each image is a metaphor of bigger meaning, and an invite to go beyond the apparent objectivity of things in order to reclaim its purest sense, intense and true.

Her mental attitude brings her to use the photo as a way to discover moments charged with lyricism, captured and rendered eternal through a refined language, in service of a quest for truth, and given to us in its most intrinsic dimension.

It’s an aesthetic analysis, based on everyday life as primary source of inspiration, from which she draws situations, characters, objects and landscapes, then re-examined in an unexpected way in order to give birth to never banal and unconventional stories.

Through her wide artistic production, the artist shows the ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, creating atypical tales, and re-inventing the urban context into something “other”.

Ann Pelanne acts through a process of exploration, extending the primary meaning of what is revealed to her. Her vivid and always ready sight is always attentive, and catches even the littlest details and the widest meanings, focused on going beyond the usual monotony of what everyday life offers.

Dr Monica Ferrarini

Ann Pelanne - Open Mind
Ann Pelanne – Open Mind
Ann Pelanne - Street Dancer
Ann Pelanne – Street Dancer
Ann Pelanne - Watch Up!
Anne Pelanne – Watch Up!
Ann Pelanne - Watching
Ann Pelanne – Watching

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