Contemporary art exhibition Daydreaming

The exhibition “Daydreaming” took place from the 10th to the 16th of April 2021, at the Galleria Ess&rrE, located in the suggestive tourist port in Rome.

The location

The Ess&rrE gallery is located in the suggestive location of the tourist port of Rome, in front of the beautiful boats. The gallery hosted numerous personal and collective exhibitions of masters and emerging artist. Artworks by Accardi, Arman, Baj, Boetti, Borghrse, Carrà, Christo, Lodola, Mitoraj, Rotella, Schifano, Warhol and more have been exhibited.

The Gallery Ess&rrE

The gallery is also owned by the owner of Acca Edizioni, which publishes the famous magazine Art&trA, with a circulation of 10.000 copies.

The contemporary art exhibition:

In a difficult and delicate historical moment, where time seems suspended and darkness took over, art helps us, giving the necessary hope in order to begin a process of renovation and change. It becomes an indispensable instrument for survival, as it brings an emotional charge, fundamental to begin a journey of reconstruction and for a different outlook on life.

“Art matters because it offers us assistance in the project of getting on well with our lives, coping with our sorrows, remembering what matters to us, avoiding what hurts us, guiding us to our better natures, rebalancing the excesses of our characters and expanding our sympathies” – Alain de Botton.

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