Diego Veneziani

The common denominator in Diego Veneziani’s artistic production is the memory as private dimension, combined with his sensitivity. An artist who finds his creativity in the encounter of places and things, in the private experience, in the whole of the images and sensations that are repurposed by the mind in a continuum of fascinating and emotional memories.

We’re not in front of a naturalistic reproduction, which draws objectively from the “real”, but of a romantic and nostalgic vision which is fueled by the reenactment of a sentiment.

Through his paintings, Veneziani builds an empathetic bond with his surroundings. His representation of a reality that solicits stimuli of contents and shapes, testimony of a rare sensibility, which slips from the immediacy, where everything becomes symbol.

This personal transposition of the world is an idealized vision, a poetic projection – and sometimes melancholic – of a life, of an experience, of a memory.

His artistic world is charged with a spirituality that we can find in each subject. And the composition becomes emblem of real data, in its most intimate dimension, towards an expressive rendering that results in the simplicity of the whole.

The subjects are charged with poetry the moment in which the author reinvents them, taking them from a rational dimension to an imaginary one, where they become metaphor.

It’s an evocative language, that tends to capture the spirit whenever it’s encountered, and captures the fascination of Nature and the lyrical attraction of the sea in its contemplative and nostalgic dimension. What’s in front of the spectator is a delicate reality, simplified, impalpable but still readable, because it feeds on emotions.

His communicative power lies in the delicacy of the whole composition, where the aerial atmospheres wrap the evanescing shapes and charge the canvas with a visual power that envelops the gaze in nostalgic places of the memory.

This “silent” panting reveals the soul of an artist able to capture the most romantic and truthful side of the treated subjects, and reveals in each little detail humanity, purity and truth. These are glimpses of the memory, poetic reminiscence, moments frozen in time and space, which are clothed with incisive colours and are visible through delicate strokes – presenting an infinite narration.

And when the author goes beyond figuration in order to get to an abstract painting, he never abandons that subtle and intimate lyricism, which becomes a leading element of all his production.

Hence the simplification process of the visible leads to a dissolution of the figure, becoming abstraction. The image dissolves into informal and vivid brush strokes, charged with sentimentality. In Veneziani there’s the constant introspective approach towards the world, which offers suggestive landscapes, now idyllic now melancholic, now brilliant and vivid, where the common element is the expressive beauty of the shapes, the skillful and communicative use of the colour, and the narrative balance of the whole.

Diego Veneziani
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Diego Veneziani
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Diego Veneziani
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Diego Veneziani
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