Artists of Today and Tomorrow II

Artists of Today and Tomorrow II is the second edition of the contemporary art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini, edited by Gangemi Editore. It stems from the will to offer a diversified and articulate analysis on the current expressive movements, spacing from painting to sculpture and photography, offering a comparison amongst different artistic tendencies that go beyond the objective representation of reality and that, through multiple creative codes, communicate to the observer messages to be interpreted and decoded.

The volume is based on an avant-garde research, involving artists of international relevance, enhancing a cultural dialogue about an expressive language which, on the one side masters the classical techniques, and on the other one, the most experimental and contemporary ones. 

Artists of unquestionable technical skills and of marked creative vocation, selected with extreme care and attention, in order to offer a clear and ever-evolving professionally high scenario. An ambitious and well-thought project, outlining a constructive and in-depth reflection on the current state of the art, while never forcing a path towards novelty, extremely avant-garde inclinations, fads or tendencies.

It’s a chance to shine a spotlight on the most significant aspects of today’s production, proposing a well-thought overall picture that contributes to a stimulating reflection.

Through the artworks of the sixty-two selected artists, contemporary art becomes a means to open up towards new imaginary territories, where each of us can be confronted, be found, or discover new perspectives, outlining paths through which we can inquire our own personal imaginary, becoming collective and shareable as it objectively materialises through the work of art. 

Artists of Today and Tomorrow II was presented on Monday the 6th of December, 2021, at the renovated Spazio Europa, location of the European Commission. Arte 24 was present for the event, as well the participating artists. Besides the art curator Monica Ferrarini, the journalists Roberto Castellucci e Daniele Nicosia intervened.

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