The collective exhibition (Im)possibilities took place in Rome, at the Galleria La Pigna, from the 7th to the 14th of May 2021.

“… Creativity is born from anguish like the day rises from a dark night. It’s in times of crisis that inventive, discoveries and great strategies arise. Those who get over crisis are able to overcome themselves without being outdone.” – Albert Einstein

In a closed and limited dimension in which men live, entrapped in a materialistic and hectic reality which brings us to undervalue and underestimate the spiritual dimension, art becomes a means to unlock the door towards infinity, and shows us new points of view to the world.

The work of art bridges the communication with the observer, in order to stimulate him in enjoying the present, conscious of his own emotions and in balance with the self and the Universe.

Each artwork, in its expressive uniqueness, becomes synonym of a microcosm that represents the macrocosm – expression of the infinity through a finite form, an opening towards the World, meant as a communion between Soul and Matter.

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