The contemporary art exhibition Lifeline took place from the 24th of September to the 1st of October, at the Biblioteca Angelica, in Rome.

The Biblioteca Angelica is located in Piazza Sant’Agostino, nearby Piazza Navona. Opened in 1604, it’s considered on a European level, with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana di Milano and  the Biblioteca Bodleiana of Oxford, as one of the best example of public library – an institution created with the clear goal of giving access to books to a community of readers as wide as possible.

In a difficult and delicate historical moment, which resulted in a disruption of our daily lives, creating a psychological distress and a lack of certainties, art comes in help, giving us that necessary hope to start a process of rebirth and change.

The artistic expression, in all its shapes, becomes possibility of a liberation from intimate struggles, a reward for hidden desires, stimulus for the senses, and enables these to flow freely with imagination. The artwork becomes a bridge between the objective and subjective reality, which is able to capture and render obvious all those invisible elements that so have to do with the meaning of life.

Each form of art is born from emotion, and it’s emotion itself. But it’s also intimate research, quest and knowledge of oneself and the world around us. A cathartic means to revisit the real, tool that allows to rejoin oneself in order to reach a truth that’s both subjective and universal.

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