Capsule Art Collection

The contemporary art volume “Capsule Art Collection – Contemporary Insights” was presented on Friday the 3rd of June at 5 pm, curated by Monica Ferrarini and edited by Gangemi Editore International, at the press room of the Editor, in via Giulia 142 – Rome. For the occasion, it was also inaugurated the exhibition of the six artists of the volume, visible until the 24th of June. The winery Casale del Giglio was present for a tasting of their best wines. The entire event was filmed by Arte 24’s cameras.

“Capsule Art Collection” aims at presenting a restricted selection of artists of great cultural and creative value, with the intent of giving the fair exposure to each of them. An occasion to meet and for confrontation, in a dialogue that combines different researches and techniques, where the artists create various narrations that derive from different prospectives and have their roots in a structured background, owning the knowledge of tradition, hence free to go beyond with works that are stimulating and innovative, where what emerges is an inventive freedom – the result of a valid formative discipline. Each work is much more than it visually transmits, and they all need time to be analyzed, studied, savored, researched, in its narrative capacity of infinite expressive hues. The intensity and originality of the works of this heterogeneous group shows how they wanted, and were able to, avoid schemes and/or tendencies of our times, in order to transform in a strictly personal way conventional art forms under the push of their thoughts and most intimate feelings. A reasoned catalogue, built on the originality of the visual languages and the expressive research that wants to communicate, through a non-chaotic entwine of objective thoughts, atmospheres that give value to the concept and works that have a lot to tell. Each artist, through a selected pool of ten artworks, will guide us in unusual territories, in a transcendental path of the creative imaginary, distinct of material reality, with the intention and the presumption of maintaining open and alive the dialogue on the contemporary, stimulating a curiosity on the present and the future, in order to reach the public in a simple and conscious way to contemporary art.
Participating artists: Patrizia Almonti, Maurizio Diana, Frederick John Featham, Kirsten Kohrt,
Christina Mitterhuber, Maria Stamati.
We thank the I Municipio Roma Centro and Regione Lazio for conceding the moral patronage to the initiative.


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