Visionary – Galleria Angelica

The collective contemporary art exhibition “Visionary” opened on the first of April of 2022 at 5 pm, at the Galleria Angelica, located inside the historical and prestigious Biblioteca Angelica, in via di S. Agostino 13, in Rome.

The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Association M.F.eventi, with Alice Di Piero’s collaboration, had the moral patronage of the Regione Lazio and the Municipio I Roma Centro. For the inauguration, the television program Arte 24 was present.

“An accurate selection of international artists, that through their precious artistic work show us how art especially the contemporary one, draws from the imaginary world, the vision, the pulsing and roots of our deepest thoughts, to which they try to shape. A mix of different creative languages that exhort to go beyond the mere aesthetic representation, in a stimulating atmosphere that give value to the thought. Each work, in its inventive freedom, is lived and interpreted, guiding the observer throughout a perpetual journey, mirroring the state of mind and thoughts of the creator, and accompanying us towards new perspectives that become necessary condition to go well beyond the banal usual. Art allows us to break through normalcy’s boundaries, reaching a deeper reality, teaching us to capture the essence of a beauty that forgets the stillness of out time, giving new meaning to the usual, and bringing us in contact with our most hidden side, with the extraordinary that envelops us”.

Participating artists: Joana Antunes, Elio Atte, John Bacon, Axel Becker, Kateřina Bohušíková,
Francesco Castelli, Giuseppe Cesarini, Claudio Detto, Adina Ding , Joshua Elias, Lis Engel,
Fabrizio Farina, Cheryle Galloway, Marussa Giovinazzo, Ulla Hasen, Dana Hassan, Vera Kober,
Alexandra Kordas, Kirsten Kohrt, Gábor Kovács, Simon lambrey, Elina lammervo, Nina
Michailidou, Yuma Oberraufner, Cigdem Onat, Maria Rita Onofri, Riccardo Panello, Simona
Poncia , Irena Procházková, Anna Redkina, Marisela Rodriguez, Kaori Sakaguchi, Paola Salomé,
Saya, Kerstin Sokoll, Joss Toledo, Kari Veastad, Michael Viger.

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