Les Petits Eclairs – Galleria dei Miracoli

The collective contemporary art exhibition “Les Petits Eclairs” was inaugurated on Tuesday the 24th of May, at 5 pm, at the Galleria dei Miracoli, in Via del Corso 528, Rome. The event was curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Association M.F.eventi, with Alice Di Piero’s collaboration, and for the opening the winery Casale del Giglio was present as sponsor, for a tasting of their best wines.
“Les Petits Eclairs” – little flashes of lights – as this is what the works are, in a figurative and metaphorical sense, they bring a message of positivity and love which well combines with the difficult historical moment that we’re all living, and that wants to be a reproach for the fundamental quest for our spirituality and intimate essence. The research for Light amongst obscurity can be seen as the search of transcendental values in the darkness, given by the absence of reason, hence a deep and contemporary choice for an exhibition in this time, in this history. Light in a spiritual sense, but in an illuministi sense as well, as a wish for a future of prosperity and progress. In the visual path created by these carefully selected works, the spectator can let himself go to the uninterrupted flux of colors, the harmony of shapes and images, capturing situations, stories, characters, resisting values.”
Participating artists: Jean-Marie Bidet, Carien Borst, Assunta Buono, Clara Calì, Remo Carradori,
Giuseppe Cesarini, Leonardo Ciccarelli, Manuela Citti, Frank Collin, Adina Ding, Maria Emilov,
Eivor Ewalds, Anna Irmanovovà, Hea Ja Kim, Ola Karlsson, Romina Vanesa Landi, Maike Lausen,
Petra Mattes, Stefania Nicolini, Anna Nobile, Salvo Privitera, Sample of a Universe, Julia
Radzikowska, Roberta Ragazzi, Daria Ripandelli, Lucilla Rosati, Anna Santilli, Kayo Sato, Darja
Štefančič, Aranka Székely, Miltos Tsivdaris, Alina Ubarenko, Kari Veijalainen, Diego Veneziani,
L’ubika Vlková, Rebecca Volkmann

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