Brave Souls – Galleria Angelica

The bipersonal contemporary art exhibition “Brave Souls” was inaugurated on June 21 at 5 pm with artworks of Marussa Giovinazzo and Monica Pizzo, at the Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica, in Via di S. Agostino 11 – Rome.
The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Associazione M.F.eventi, with Alice Di Piero’s collaboration, and it had the moral patronage of the Regione Lazio, the l Municipio Roma I Centro and the Associazione Donne & Società. For the occasion the tv channel Arte 24 was present.
“Brave Souls” sees the two artists, with a strong artistic cv and career, with artworks of a strong communicative impact, showing a high mastery of the technique, and a continuous research aimed at the personalization of their work.

Marussa Giovinazzo is a poliedrico and curious artist who works on different disciplinary areas (painting, sculpture, writing and design), using different techniques and expressive languages while still maintaining a definite and personal stylistic sign. Her whole path is permeated by an emotional tension that delineates that long journey that starts from an idea in order to reach creation, and these remain the constant characters of a deep and attentive analysis that takes shape through an intense work from which the Artist tries to obtain the most appealing and hidden side.

Monica Pizzo’s pictorial production is an art that’s born as instinctive in the most hidden side of the creator – it’s a carnal and passionate painting that refuses brushes, spatulas or other tools of the trade, and brings the artist to paint directly with her hands, in order to create with her canvasses and her creatures a relationship that’s not only conceptual or emotional, but physical as well. These are paintings that envelop the artist in a whole, charged with emotions and expression and that make of Pizzo an artist unique in her genre, an artist that always gives a piece of herself and that brings us to deeply reflect on the matters she tackles, as the intensity of the messages of her canvasses is so strong that it stays in an incisive, penetrating and constructive way with the observer”.

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