Chasing the Unexpected – Galleria Il Leone

The collective contemporary art exhibition “Chasing the Unexpected” was inaugurated on Friday the 10th of June, at 5.30 pm at the Galleria Il Leone-Dislivello in via Aleardo Aleardi 120 – Rome.

The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Associazione M.F.eventi, with Alice Di Piero’s collaboration, and it received the moral patronage of the Regione Lazio and the Municipio Roma I Centro.
“Chasing the Unexpected” sees nine international authors, who combine the traditional language with a more innovative and experimental one, giving life to a complimentary dialogue that develops through a stimulating entwine of different thoughts that lead the observer towards a cognitive territory, where we can find new reflections. Art is lived as a spiritual act which is able to reach the most hidden ways of reality around us in order to touch its essence, to catch the impalpable presence of the divine in the material and tangible dimension of everyday life.
The exhibited artworks bring us back to a general vision of art which is closer to us, a testimony of a contemporaneity rich in aesthetic manifestations that combine, in a harmonic balance, freedom of expression and formative discipline. Hence, an exhibition that has the goal to present an extraordinary variety and vitality of creative languages, highlighting the different aspects and poetics that are developed throughout the complex path of artistic production, via different and sometimes contrasting solutions.
What’s at the core of this collective is the shock and emotion that the artworks, always carefully selected, are able to inspire: a sign of the strong emotional charge in which they are imbued”.
Participating artists: Mar Enríquez, Natasscha Girelli, Linda Heim, Celine Kobierzynski, Oxana
Kroll, Elaine Lóre, Olivier Petit-Helle, Irena Procházková, Francesca Ragona.

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