Kari Veastad

Kari Veastad’s pictorial language gains an intense narrative meaning, becoming expression of an inexhaustible journey of exploration and knowledge, where ample space is left to the subconscious, to the intimate and private dimension in relationship with the surrounding reality in order to render it under a new guise, charged with conceptual and expressive contents that feed on the colours and emotional gesturing of the author. Colour is the soul of these paintings, stemming from an attentive formal and structural elaboration, where each element is skillfully balanced, capturing the gaze of the observer, and becoming an opportunity for a mental and reflective path of pleasure.

Attentive to the world that surrounds her, Kari Veastad spaces and draws from the phenomenal world in a completely original way. In her paintings each detail is able to stimulate imagination and becomes revelation of the sensitive, expression of a subjectivity that’s able to capture the spirit of things, figuration of internal pulsion pertaining to the human soul and the Creation. 

Her artworks are fluctuating visions traversed by a lyrical tension that’s expressed through the chromatic suggestion and expressivity of the shapes, hinting at memories and images that connect the external dimension with the private one using a visual language that clarifies the belonging to something bigger and universal. 

The artist loves to inquire the immensity of nature and its ancestral and spiritual component, as well as the complexity of the psyche and the emotional universe, and she does so through scenarios that lead to a dimension both abstract and figurative, rich in images that we can define as pure manifestation of the intangible, externalisation of a soul that captures the hidden component of things, that intimate essence that goes beyond pictorial reproduction. 

Inside these “spaces of the mind” temporality results widened, inviting the observer to stop and suspend for a second that daily frenzy in which he’s thrown, in order to immerse himself in an aleatoric, different and light atmosphere. Mind and spirit can let go in front of a painting that conceals an introspection and that’s expression of internal pulsions. 

The vibrant and vivid hues of her wide palette are modulated by the sign and, together, become substance, materialisation of a thought, concrete sign of a vision of evocative power that renders unexpected emotions – poetic images whose meaning is entrusted with the free interpretation of the public, somehow becoming accomplice in the elaboration of the message. 

What the Artist reveals is a new vision to inquire in order to reach a new perspective.

Monica Ferrarini

Kari Veastad
Kari Veastad – Dilemma
Kari Veastad – Ego
Kari Veastad
Kari Veastad – Energy
Kari Veastad
Kari Veastad – The Choice
Kari Veastad – Outstretched hands B

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