Paola Salomè

Paola Salomè’s pictorial process is a journey that stems from the earthly dimension in order to reach the incantation of existential mystery: a complex and deep path made of vibrant images in their vivid hues, nurtured by rare poetry. These are canvases of internal pulsions, sentiments, memories, emotions, but which, most importantly, make possible the research and the discovery of what remains intangible. Each artwork, in its propulsive power, expresses the hidden subconscious potentiality in the phenomenic reality in which we’re immersed daily, but blind and incapable to let go to contemplation, to capture the aspects of nature that the Artist manages to sublimate in the form of pure energy.

The colour becomes main medium to express her own interiority, reflection of a thought and mirror of the soul. In front of these canvases we’re lost in an infinite space, as if mind and soul are purified by what afflicts them in order to go towards an atmosphere of cathartic and freeing power in which the emotional charge is expression of an ascent towards the joy of living and the spirit acquires power and vigour. 
In observing Salomè’s creations the observer finds something familiar, an expression of himself, a sense of bliss. These are artworks that well communicate the philosophical concept of the here and now and that, in the immediacy of their visual language, remind us how in a finite and limited dimension in which we live we’re lead to lose and underestimate the spiritual component of the surrounding reality, enveloped and accustomed by the materialistic, overbearing one. 
Hence, art becomes a privileged means to open us the doors to infinity, a stimulus to change our perceptive ability and push us in front of things in a new world which is able to still amaze us with the magic of existence in all its shapes. 
The vital explosion of the intense chromatic contrasts becomes an intrepid metaphor of pulsions of the souls, or simply of her own way of seeing and approaching things – an homage to nature and life. We can’t help but be fascinated by the enthusiasm and the enchantment of these paintings that show spaces where reality is purified, free from struggles and open to new horizons of the being. The entire compositional structure is built through an expressive process of her unique artistic language, through which we can perceive all the overwhelming personality of an Artist who, throughout time, was able to create her own identity, allowing her to be recognisable and immediately noticeable in today’s wide and varied pictorial landscape.

Dr Monica Ferrarini

Paola Salomè
Paola Salomè – Contatto
Paola Salomè – Il Mio
Paola Salomè
Paola Salomè – Infiammarsi
Paola Salomè – La Luce della Vita
Paola Salomè
Paola Salomè – Rigenerazione

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