Russell Vanecek

Russell Vanecek’s paintings immediately introduce us to the heart of his research, based on the detailed observation of the natural aspects, of their spirit and innate fascination. Each image is charged with vital energy and remains suspended in a sort of mysticism. The creative process is a journey that allows the Artist to approach in a propositive manner the surrounding world, observing and studying it as a wide inquiry filed in which to find new dimensions. It’s a poetic celebration of the natural world that is revealed in the explosive lyricism of the colours, and aims at showing the mystical side of a Nature enveloped in enchanted atmospheres. The power of the Creation becomes a source of primal inspiration. Vanecek focuses on the inquiry of the complexity of the natural universe, on the study of shapes, sounds, movements, plots, that are treated based on his personal creative language. 

The richness and vibrancy of his palette dominates the canvas with an expressivity of the whole that leads to a figuration that goes beyond the mere representation of reality. Flying and chirping birds that dominate his canvases become a symbol of evasion from the phenomenal reality, and a stimulus to go beyond the visible. The images become symbols and offer a new metaphorical vision of the world, elevating the figurative painting to the ultimate communication tool, revealing the magic of the complex micro and macro cosmic universe. In this perspective, the Artist’s poetic evolves throughout an imaginary path, nurtured by a strong sensitivity where clear images of vibrant and vivid colour tend to dissipate onto aerial forms, revealing all the ancestral energy underlying the visible world. 

It’s a dimension that we can intimately feel through our own personal vital rhythms, dense with an emotional charge that expands towards the observer, inviting him to live the artwork in the search for new revelations. 

The chromatic strength and the conceptual depth that characterise these paintings testify to an accurate analysis aiming at an intimate exploration of what surrounds us, with the goal of discovering its many facets. We could define these as “spaces of the soul” animated by pure images through which we read the recovery of a pictorial spontaneity towards the absolute. Hence, suspended plots are delineated, pushing our imagination and stimulating our senses – delicate scenarios that transmit a pleasant feeling of mystery. 

Artworks of a charismatic expressive strength that pulse with energy, the result of an expressive will that combines imagination and colour and from which emerges all the complexity and the richness of an attentive analysis that’s able to highlight each hidden detail. 

Monica Ferrarini

Russell Vanecek
Russell Vanecek – Backyard Birds
Russell Vanecek – Birds Garden 4
Russell Vanecek – Mystical Birds
Russell Vanecek – Birds in Garden XIII
Russell Vanecek
Russell Vanecek – Birds in Tree XI

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