John Bacon

John Bacon’s painting is an impulse that gains shape through thought and a touch of rationality, a process that develops unexpectedly and that changes in the process, as there’s nothing planned in the mind of the one who creates. It’s an autonomous and intuitive path that knows nothing of premeditated plans, but that develops freely in following instincts and impulses in order to bring out his most authentic side. Hence, painting becomes an expression of the self, of various and complex internal worlds, where non-structured lines and shapes let themselves be transported by the trail of the creative momentum.
John Bacon uses an incisive expressive code of great visual impact, founded on the distortion of the shapes and the chromatic explosions typical of the most noble expressionist movement. It’s an intuitive work that distances itself from the model of naturalistic representation of the real, leaving space for an emotional and sensory inquiry, able to transform the objective data in something different, in a new and synthetic dimension, the result of a decomposition and recomposition of objective reality. His bold figurative compositions combine with abstract shapes in an explosion of daring colours and erratic shapes, stimulating the emotions both of the creator and of the observer. The chromatic richness and the colour stratification determine a conceptual and technical depth, as well as a complex vision that requires to be explored. These are artworks that offer to the observer a space in which to wander in order to discover new horizons, inviting to expand their own perception. Bacon tends to emphasize the intrinsic side of the treated subjects and, at the cost of a faithful representation of the manifested world, the shapes are willingly destructured through brush strokes of an expressionist taste. The Artist lives the pictorial art as a creative means that leaves space to the subconscious, playing with reality, reinterpreting it, decomposing it to then later rendering it under a new guise, where daily things become “other”. The evocative content arises from an emotional research that feeds on the imaginative richness of the Author, and so he dedicates himself to portray landscapes of undoubted expressive complexity, deprived of a common and/or banal recognisability, but made of authentic identity and pure essence. He observes with the eyes of the mind and the heart, and his analysis manages to harmoniously balance instinct and reason, strength and frailty. It’s a personal dimension, animated by ever-evolving shapes that push to reasoning and thinking “out of the box”, to change point of view, hence opening new interpretative keys that draw inspiration from subjective elements and that envelop wider fields of objectivity. What emerges overwhelmingly is a suggestive dimension that lies in the vibrant use of a wide and intense palette, which contributes to giving shape to the content, delving into the hidden paths of the soul, and becoming the vital lymph of the entire creative process. The canvas becomes the ultimate space to express all his feelings, without a premeditated intent, without formal schemes and/or academic dictats, always reaching original and convincing results. The observer is captured by the propulsive energy of a painting that emanates its strength from within, reaching our heart and our most intimate side.                  

Monica Ferrarini

John Bacon
John Bacon – A Face in the Crowd
John Bacon
John Bacon – Best of Friends
John Bacon – Self Reflection
John Bacon – State of Disbelief
John Bacon
John Bacon – Subconscious

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