The Hidden Side of Things

The collective contemporary art exhibition The Hidden Side of Things opened on Monday the 24th of October at 5.30 pm at the Galleria Il Leone-Dislivello in via Aleardo Aleardi 12, Rome.
The event was curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Association M.F.eventi.
The exhibition is part of the events by the Rome Art Week, annual manifestation that wants to spot a highlight on contemporary art in all its shapes, showing where the ancient cohabits with the contemporary, and inquiring new aspects that the city of Rome can offer.

The event sees involved ten international artists carefully selected who, through their artworks, intend to propose a “different” reality, captured in its infinite facets. A reality interpreted based on their own feeling, as “things exist beyond the human mind, or independent from it and its being present in the consciousness”. It’s an exhibition of great depth that intends to celebrate the activity of the Authors that emerge both for their extreme ability of research as well as for their creativity. A scenario carefully chosen of the art closest to us, a rigorous research that unites masters that show different situations in their artistic innovations or derivations, able to celebrate the stylistic virtue and formal elegance of artworks that, beyond their material and objective beauty, have the ability to transmit the pure aesthetic pleasure of the act of the artistic execution and testify all the need to affirm and externalize the intimacy of the creator.

Participating artists: Patrizia Almonti, Maria Emilov, Maria Evseeva, Marussa Giovinazzo, Monika Hartl, Rosa Helin, Christina Mitterhuber, Ann Pelanne, André Romijn, Lauren Tilley.

The Hidden Side of Things

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