The collective contemporary exhibition Imageries opened on Friday the 18th of November at 5.30 pm at the Galleria Il Leone-Dislivello in via Aleardo Aleardi 12, Rome.

The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Association M.F.eventi had the moral Patronage of the Lazio Region and the First Municipality of the Centre of Rome.
“The exhibition delineates a various plot amongst innovative dialogues, through which the artists display numerous narrations through their artworks, which are able to open up new imaginative horizons that show all the riches of various approaches to the image. Each creation shows an incisive personality, freed from schemes and rules, delineating the ability to go beyond the traditional standards, transforming and re-interpreting forms and images of the most conventional art in order to communicate their internal universe. Plots, shapes and colors materialize an intimate and private space that pushes us to think through the artistic creation and that, most of all, encourages the observes to research their personal interpretation. Hence, infinite imaginative scenarios are brought to life through the eyes of the observer whose feeling is appeased by the energetic flux that flows through the different creative expressions”.

Participating artists: Axel Becker, Regula Margrit Bill, Leonardo Ciccarelli, Lis Engel, Heide Fennert, Christian Kammerhofer, Kirsten Kohrt, Alexandra Kordas, Bridget Loftus, Suvi Mannonen, Nina Michailidou, Stefania Nicolini, Maria Rita Onofri, Candida Paolucci, Anke Riemenschneider, Mariswla Rodriguez, Kayo Sato, Jomay Tam, Alisa Teletovic, Lauren Tilley, Enrica Toce, Katja Tomzig, Rebecca Volkmann, Karoline Winter, Lady


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