Liminal Spaces – Darja Štefančič

The personal exhibition by Slovenian artist Darja Štefančič with the title “Liminal Spaces” will open on April 21 at 5 pm at the Galleria Il Leone-Dislivello in via Aleardo Aleardi 12 – Rome. 

The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini, of the Associazione M.F.eventi, received the moral patronage of the Slovenian Embassy, the Regione Lazio, the I Municipio Roma Centro and the associations FIDAPA BPW Italy section Ara Pacis and Donne & Società.

The exhibition is part of the events of the Rome Art Week by Night, April 21, from 19 to 22. 

“Darja Štefančič’s pictorial art is expression of a captivating creative instinct behind which hides a poetic imaginary rich with symbols and tales. It’s an unconscious and subconscious mental journey, between sensitive and transcendental, through which the artist gives life to compositions dominated by abstract shapes, now soft now geometrical, that reinterpret the forms of nature and physical reality. Each canvas is enveloped by an imaginary a fairy-like dimension where, both in the richest compositional structures as well as in the most essential ones, a chromatic exasperation is imposed, which becomes a container for emotions. The dimension of the colour is a peculiarity of all her artistic journey: what strongly emerges is the use of a vivid and vibrant palette, intense and enveloping, where the bold and brave colorur combinations, combined with the harmony of the shapes reveal the fascination of atemporal mental projections. Štefančič’s paintings show exuberant, astral natures, projections of visions of an intimate matrix that don’t correspond to a precise meaning, but are charged with surreal content. These enchanted landscapes are built on shapes that reveal her personal interpretation of the space, through plastic forms that have mostly an allusive and symbolic value. And the colors become as well part of an extremely personal narrative construction that focuses especially on their allusive character.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:30-13; 15:30-19:00

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