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    From the 8th to the 14th of November the contemporary art exhibition “Infinite Percezioni” will be held at the Gallery Spazio 40, in the famous area of Trastevere, with the high patronage of the Guatemalan Embassy. It will be in partnership with the Guatemalan artists of the group Guatemala es Guatemala. This is an exhibition which aims at showing the richness and variety of experiences, which have in common the will to express oneself in the free composition of matter, forms and colors. A chance to share and evaluate a stimulating artistic generation, which attracts interest and is able to unite and confront an expressive contemporary landscape, aiming at the valorization of…

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    Somewhere Else

    Contemporary art exhibition “Somewhere Else / Altrove”.  The contemporary art exhibition “Somewhere Else / Altrove” will open on Saturday the 14th of September, at 6 pm, at the gallery Spazio 40, in via dell’Arco di San Calisto 40- 00153-Rome. The event is curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini – M.F.eventi, with the collaboration of Alice Di Piero, and presents artworks from three different international artists: Fabio Lalli, Mirja Nuutinen e Monica Pizzo. “A coexistence of different creative languages which urges us to go beyond the mere aesthetic representation in a stimulating atmosphere which give value to the thought. Every artwork, in its own inventive freedom, is open to interpretation…

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    The collective contemporary art exhibition, at the Biblioteca Angelica, from the 19th to the 25th of October, is part of the Rome Art Week, the prestigious week dedicated to contemporary art in Rome. For more information contact: monica.mfeventi@gmail.com

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    Cheating Patterns

    Mini-collective of only three artists, from the 18th to the 24th of October, at the Gallery Spazio 40, in the heart of Trastevere. Each artist will exhibit between 8 and 12 artworks, depending on the size.  The exhibition will also present a catalogue both in English and Italian For further information, please contact: monica.mfeventi@gmail.com

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