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  • Future Appointments

    Liminal Spaces – Darja Štefančič

    The personal exhibition by Slovenian artist Darja Štefančič with the title “Liminal Spaces” will open on April 21 at 5 pm at the Galleria Il Leone-Dislivello in via Aleardo Aleardi 12 – Rome.  The event, curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini, of the Associazione M.F.eventi, received the moral patronage of the Slovenian Embassy, the Regione Lazio, the I Municipio Roma Centro and the associations FIDAPA BPW Italy section Ara Pacis and Donne & Società. The exhibition is part of the events of the Rome Art Week by Night, April 21, from 19 to 22.  “Darja Štefančič’s pictorial art is expression of a captivating creative instinct behind which hides a…

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    Les Petits Eclairs – Galleria dei Miracoli

    The collective contemporary art exhibition “Les Petits Eclairs” was inaugurated on Tuesday the 24th of May, at 5 pm, at the Galleria dei Miracoli, in Via del Corso 528, Rome. The event was curated by the art critic Monica Ferrarini of the Association M.F.eventi, with Alice Di Piero’s collaboration, and for the opening the winery Casale del Giglio was present as sponsor, for a tasting of their best wines.“Les Petits Eclairs” – little flashes of lights – as this is what the works are, in a figurative and metaphorical sense, they bring a message of positivity and love which well combines with the difficult historical moment that we’re all living,…

  • Future Appointments

    Contemporary art catalogue | Call for artists

    The contemporary art catalogue Artists of Today and Tomorrow, curated by Monica Ferrarini and edited by Gangemi Editore, is under work for its third edition. Following the great success of its first and second edition of the contemporary art catalogue, the project sees the realization of a third volume. The catalogue aims at celebrating the activity of the great Masters of the contemporary landscape. A wide landscape of the latest art, which unites maestros in the will to celebrate their artistic innovations or derivations. Not an analytic list, but a selection based on merit, through objective and documented judgments, in order to give well-deserved space and visibility in such a…

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