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    Capsule Art Collection

    The contemporary art volume “Capsule Art Collection – Contemporary Insights” was presented on Friday the 3rd of June at 5 pm, curated by Monica Ferrarini and edited by Gangemi Editore International, at the press room of the Editor, in via Giulia 142 – Rome. For the occasion, it was also inaugurated the exhibition of the six artists of the volume, visible until the 24th of June. The winery Casale del Giglio was present for a tasting of their best wines. The entire event was filmed by Arte 24’s cameras. “Capsule Art Collection” aims at presenting a restricted selection of artists of great cultural and creative value, with the intent of…

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    Artists of Today and Tomorrow

    Artists of Today and Tomorrow is the contemporary art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini and edited by Gangemi Editore. The first edition was presented on April 16 of 2021, at the institutional location of the Editor, in Via Giulia, Rome. It was also held the exhibition with the homonymous title, dedicated to the artists selected for the volume, with the presentation of the art critic Monica Ferrarini, and the television service by Arte 24. The publishing house Gangemi is one of the very few in the centre of Italy that’s part of the biggest Italian and foreign distribution centre. The contemporary art volume can be bought on the main platforms,…

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    Artists of Today and Tomorrow II

    Artists of Today and Tomorrow II is the second edition of the contemporary art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini, edited by Gangemi Editore. It stems from the will to offer a diversified and articulate analysis on the current expressive movements, spacing from painting to sculpture and photography, offering a comparison amongst different artistic tendencies that go beyond the objective representation of reality and that, through multiple creative codes, communicate to the observer messages to be interpreted and decoded. The volume is based on an avant-garde research, involving artists of international relevance, enhancing a cultural dialogue about an expressive language which, on the one side masters the classical techniques, and on…

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