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M.F.eventi was born by the wish of Monica Ferrarini, curator and art critic, after a ten-year experience in the field of corporate communication and organization of events.

The association M.F.eventi operates in the field of art, culture and training and succeeds in providing a service with a wide range of cultural promotion, by paying great attention to the different forms of communication and to the most innovative means of artistic expression. Another cultural aim is to direct public bodies and private activities towards new forms of synergization of spaces and innovative communication that are designed to provide a new and future-oriented image of the same operators, through an artistic orientation.

M.F. Eventi works across the national territory and it currently has its base of operations in Rome.

M.F.eventi Services

Conception and organization of:

  • Cultural events
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars on contemporary art history
  • Conventions
  • Book Presentations

Management of relations with artists

  • Selection and evaluation of artworks
  • Planning of each individual event
  • Locations Research
  • Setting up and dismantling of each event that is conceived and organized
  • Critical care and drafting of critical texts for any catalogues and/or brochures
  • Events Advertising & Public relations
  • Press Office

Management of relations with organizations, suppliers and sponsors

  • Patronage Requests
  • Research and promotion of sponsors
  • Graphic Design and typography for the realization of the typographical kit for each event

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